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Has that dingy carpeting in your living room become too much to bear? Is the scuffed and peeling laminate flooring in your kitchen embarrassing for guests to see? Nowadays, flooring options are not limited by room. Family rooms do not exclusively have carpeting and kitchens do not always have tile or laminate. Now may be the time to research the new durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly hard-surface flooring options currently available to update and freshen the flooring in your home.

Nothing Duplicates Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring
Made in Maine

A small company in New Gloucester Maine that searches the country to find barns and historical buildings that are being dismantled, is producing wood flooring from a different age. Once you have seen and touched reclaimed wood flooring produced from vintage heart pine timbers, your idea of what defines a beautiful wood floor will be forever changed.

What is the first rule of construction that every homeowner knows? “We need to get three competitive bids.”

Most homeowners are not well educated in the homebuilding or remodeling process and may hire a Mass Builder or contractor only once or twice in their entire lifetime. Often they make a poor choice in selecting a contractor when it is based on price alone.

Watching HGTV got you itching to redecorate and renovate? That is, until you consider the hefty price tag attached to it. When you need to bring your home into the 21st century without breaking the bank, revitalizing your walls with paint and wallpaper is an impacting, easy, and cost-effective choice. Here are some of the latest trends and tricks to help you revive your walls to show off what you have to its best advantage.


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