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So you've perused the catalogs, you've done the shopping and now you're ready to have your new flooring installed. The next step is to choose the right contractor for the job.

Sure, this is certainly not the “fun” part of the renovation process.

“Hooray! It's time to select the perfect tile setter!” - said no one ever.

But finding the appropriate contractor for your tile/flooring installation project is just as critical as your cosmetic decisions.

We're no longer living in the Dark Ages. Homes are being constructed using more contemporary and more efficient building materials, with every passing project. So when it comes to choosing a material to build your roof with, you have options manifold.

At the end of the day, you're not building a steeple or a log cabin. You're building your house - your shelter. And considering that this is New England, home to the most unfriendly climate in the world, your roof plays a substantial role in the protection of your shelter and more importantly your loved ones.

Although it may not be appreciable on the surface, air quality is still something to be concerned with - especially living in New England. Oftentimes the quality of the air in your household may be unhealthy without you even knowing it. Various carcinogenic vapors and pollutants are tasteless, smell-less and invisible to the naked eye. One of the most pernicious of the airborne carcinogens that you will encounter, here in the Northeast, is called radon.

Watching HGTV got you itching to redecorate and renovate? That is, until you consider the hefty price tag attached to it. When you need to bring your home into the 21st century without breaking the bank, revitalizing your walls with paint and wallpaper is an impacting, easy, and cost-effective choice. Here are some of the latest trends and tricks to help you revive your walls to show off what you have to its best advantage.


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