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How to build a wine cellar

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” ~Ernest Hemingway

There is little that symbolizes our sense of romance more perfectly than a bottle of wine. Wine becomes the embodiment of celebration and merriment as we raise our glasses, make our heartfelt toasts and clink our glasses!

Building the Man Cave: How to Transform Any Room into a Household Oasis

Game day, rainy day, or just "veg" time after work, the relationship between a man and his own cave is an undeniably passionate one. And perhaps the best thing of it all: Along with its entertainment value, it is one of the easiest renovations you can make to your home.

4 Simple Ways to Update and Upgrade Old Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone knows that the easiest way to add value to your home is through upgrading the kitchen. With complete renovations costing tens of thousands, how does the budget-conscious homeowner update and refresh that dated, dark, or dingy kitchen?
Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to a kitchen that you’ll want to show off:

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